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J'suis assez content de votre promesse de service, vous l'avez bien respectée.J'ai acheté 300M Gold shaiya hier, je l'ai reçu dans1 h,merici pour ce service efficace.

Pascal   7/7/10

franchement dit, votre prix de certains produits sont un peu plushaut que celui des autres sites, mais enfin , nous avons des confiances sur ce site après plusieurs commandes, si c'est possible pour vous ,changer un peu votre prix !

Dominique   3/7/10

C'est ma première commande sur IGXE, vous m'envoyez plusieurs emails avant la livraison,c'est un peu compliqué...Heureusement, j'ai reçu ma clé. Merci quand même.

Vincent   1/7/10

J'ai acheté le Pwerleveling pour mon personnage survotre site quelques jours auparavant, et j'avais toujours des soucis,mais quand je reçois aujourd'hui votre email de livraison , je saute de joie !!! Merci pour votre service efficace.

Frédéric   28/6/10

TOUT est génial sur IGXE ! Merci pour votre livraison rapide, vraiment , je reviendrai !!!

Michel   28/6/10

I was very pleased with customer help. Dan helped me with my problem with kindness and patience. I am very happy with the way he treated the situation and found a solution very quickly. Thanks for your help!

Ricky   12/5/10
Hi, I am just writting to you all of the igxe staff to show my appriciation of how satisfied I am at doing buisness with you. I am very scepticul when it comes to buying gold for my online games, but as soon as I found your site and made a purchase for the first time I was so pleased with the way you handle us customers, of how fast and convinient the delivery was that this is the place I come for all my gold buying needs. I must say that i am a very happy and most certainly a frequent customer to your site. Keep up the amazing work and thank you so much again :)
Eli P.   22/1/10
I am a satisfied customer at igxe. I was assisted by Melody, she has been a great help for me and was there the whole time when i needed awansers. I will keep on buys from your company. Maybe even soon ^.^ Thank you for all of you servises.
Juan Rodriguez   14/12/09
I was inspired to write this in regards to the excellent customer service I recieved from my recent order from you all there, which was handled perfectly by Kaileena. I have tried two other sites before; the first was a scam, and the other was honest, but the customer service could not even begin to compare. You all are most fortunate to have someone like her working for you; she believes in her job and puts doing it well and helping others out both politely and sincerely first and foremost. The transaction went both fast and flawless in game and out. I even remained after in the live-chat window just to chat and converse for a few minutes. I can appreciate good people and good service these days, when it is so hard to come buy with such honesty and sincerity, and you all have a gem there in her --I feel more as if I've made a friend than simply a business transaction. I will definatly refer my friends in the future to you all and the excellent support team you have. Please keep up the GREAT work and thank you for being one of the BEST ones!
Peter   21/9/09

I am writing this email to bring credit to: David, aka cute dave, david guapo. He has helped me through the live chat with questions and issues I was doubting with igxe. You never know with wowgold website these days and I had to be sure IGXE was not like the rest. David has convinced me and made me become a customer to the website through his helpful and very nice services. Thank you David, and I am looking forward to doing business with IGXE.

James from NZ

James   3/8/09
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