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Had a great experience with your site! After being jerked around for a couple of days by some other gold sites I decided I would give IGXE a chance. I was not disappointed in the least. Cassie was great in live help! I connected to live help prior to placing my order to make sure they had the stock I was looking for. From the very first moment we connected she was helpful, responsive, and very patient with all of my questions. She helped me get everything set up and ready for my order, and even gave me a discount off my purchase.
Chris   29/7/09
Just want to thank you for a great service. You did a great job and delivered faster then stated. Also, your customer representatives are professional, fast, and good. I worked with Fiona today and she did a great job. I intend to use your services again. Take care and keep up the great work.
Jeremy   27/7/09
Just wanted to say that the person who phoned me was very polite and helpful, And told me that i will have my gold a.s.a.p. :) So thank you for the phone call. I was not going to ever use your service again after this. But now i will continue to use your service. As you can see from my account i am a good customer.
Eddie   6/7/09
Just wanted to say I am very satisfied with the service IGXE.COM has provided. The delivery was very very fast, about 15 mins total from order to delivery. The entire process was easy and friendly. The Live Chat Rep Jack provided answers to my questions very promptly and the individual who delivered the item(s) was very professional and easy to understand (some other services you cannot understand what the person is saying due to language barrier). Thanks! Will use service again.
Cerulean   23/6/09
I want to thank IGXE for giving the best Overall support needed, Recommended A* Site, Also a Personal Thank you to Support Operator 'Joie' For being very calm and very nice 10/10, will be happy with future transactions with IGXE, thanks again!
Ramiza   22/6/09
This site delivered my 1000k in a little less then 1 hour. Their live chat service was quick and helpful. They called to verify me as the buyer and in about 30min I had my gil. My GF went to and ordered 1000k and she received it in 8 days. So based on that...This site takes the cake. Hands down best service I've had. Great Service
Ian   16/6/09
I got friendly service and fast delivery for a cheap price and I will be back for my gaming needs. This is by far one of the most dependable companies that wont screw you over thanks igxe
a great customer   10/6/09
Want to tell you guys who-ever leveled this account for us did a outstanding job i would like to thank you and them for the fast and great job they did for me i will be back for more work thanks again
Joshua M   8/6/09
I'd just like to thank your staff for the service that i've recieved! not only did you contact me to let me know that the product i bought was unavailable but you had already started to powerlevel my character thus offering an alternative. Even better was the fact that once the powerlevelling (which was very fast) had finished your staff then sold all of the items that they had collected on the auction house and left me with the profits! Thank you again i will recommend your company to every one i know that may use such a service.
A great customer   1/6/09
I want to thank you guys for everything you do, I appreciate it so much! You guys have been helping me ever since I've played. 100% of the time your service is great, and I cannot stop coming back. Thank you so much!!
A great customer   26/5/09
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