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thanks for all ! Your service is perfect and speed ! thanks for all ! Merci pour tout !
estelle vincent   13/3/09
Great Service You guys have an awesome 24/7 help chat room and all agents have a fast and helpful response, I was satisfied with the service *thumbs up*
A great customer   6/1/09
To be honest, your gold company is the best i've seen so far. Best customer service i've ever seen. I would recomend you to anyone, truly great service. Blue, one of the people i talked to on livechat was so great. He, or she, was very understanding and kind.
Great company. You guys are awesome, best ive chatted with.

Thank you.
Ariel   5/1/09
I would like to thank Joice and Fiona of customer support for taking the time to help me and make sure I was happy with my order. After placing my order, the money had ended up lost in the mail system, but after talking with these two we came to a resolution. They were able to help make up a bit of the order, as well as send me a coupon for my next order. I really appreciate the fact that these two went so far out of their way to make sure I was happy, and would also like to thank IGXE for keeping its customers happy, even in bad circumstances.
William   31/12/08
I want to take this time to thank all of you at IGXE for your support.

Every order processed for eve has been handled in a timely manor and professionally. Staff has been helpful and polite while working with.
I want to make special note for the agent on Christmas night, as was speedy, prompt and even when I made an accidental mistake that could have resulted in benefit to IGXE the agent pointed it out and waited for my correction.
Every order that has been processed with personal requests has been fulfilled with ease.

Thank you IGXE for such service and will continue using.
Jesse Boyer   27/12/08
Roland van wanna thank u guys for the great service ive had in the last years. wish u all a merry xmas and a happy new year. greetz :)
Roland van   22/12/08
hello, I am a return customer and appreciate your time and effort in providing the fast service. I have used this site 3 times now. It helps alot because I have limited time to actually play because of my work schedule. Thank you again
Jacob michaels   22/12/08
Thank you all so much for a year of great service. I recommend you to all my friends. I wish you all there at IGXE a very happy holiday season and an incredible upcoming year.
Charles Tuel   19/12/08
Thank you, and everyone i have dealt with at igxe for treating me so politely and being so attentive. You guys are still my first choice with internet gaming orders.
Bryan   8/12/08
Hey there!

Thanks guys very much! If you want to write me back one more time I'd like to know if I can tell my friends about you. Great service and a satisfied customer here. Really, thank you so much.
A great customer   24/11/08
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