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I just wanted to say thank you to the wonderful customer service representative, Stella who helped me with my order yesterday. She was very nice, and continued helping me throughout the entire processes.
Eric Baum   17/11/08
Angella was a wonderful customer support tech, she helped me alot with everything. I did not understand something she would find the exact answer. she is very friendly please send my thanks to her she did a absoutly wonderful job.
gage dobish   13/11/08
Live Chat Person: Doris
I'd like to thank Doris for all the help she did for me
even though I come and she tells me my order is still out of stock
she is the best live chat person I've had
Doris is nice to the people,
she recognizes there names like she did mine
and she is very grateful for things you do for her :3
Richard   4/11/08
I was leery to purchase from a site i had never heard of, but i'm glad i did! absolutely the best customer service on the net. very fast, competitive pricing, and always willing to help ya save a couple bucks on your purchase. i will be coming back for a long time!
Matt Sansone   21/10/08
I'd just like to take some time to thank Chat support User; jenny for her Great personality, kindness, and helping hand. :)
Thank you, Jenny.
LordSmoke420   14/10/08
From Jake
IGXE has the best customer service compared to any other game currency/powerleveling service i have ever been in business with. They not only replied to my emails quickly but looked out for my accounts security! No other site has looked out for my well being like that. Thanks IGXE,
Jake   13/10/08

Helper : Jenny

me -> Wismy

rate : A+++++++

she did help me VERRY good , she did really understand me

great job

Herbots Jomme   13/10/08
I was angry at thought of not getting my order entirely. I apologize to you and everyone there. I want to let you know that you have my business from now on. You and your company are far superior than any competitors you may have. Thanks for your speedy service, support and delivery. I can confirm that I went in game and recieved two mails totalling 50gold. Thanks. I'll be contacting you again.
Aaron Houston   6/10/08
I have received my gold. Thank you for your concern. I appreciate you loetting me know the circumstances of the order and difficulty in obtaining the product. I will use you again in the future because of your good service.
a great customer   22/9/08
To team members and chat rep "Doris":

I give you guys 5/5 on your services. You're quick and I haven't had a problem at all. I'll definitely come back for all my needs.

Daniel   21/9/08
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